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Eroyn Franklin is a nonbinary artist and designer currently focusing on public art, ceramics, and light-based sculpture. Their truest joy comes from integrating artwork with architecture and the natural environment. They are obsessively researching and experimenting with handbuilt architectural structures.

Their creative ethos revolves around embracing process. Eroyn approaches each project with the enthusiasm of an amateur magician eager to deepen their craft. Their work centers around community, personal and collective liberation, and how human animals live as part of the natural world.

Since moving to Seattle in the 90s, Eroyn has been a stalwart presence in the city's art community. They co-founded SS Marie Antoinette, a dynamic live/work/event space dedicated to art and music. Along with their best comics buds, they established the Short Run Comix & Arts Festival, further enriching Seattle's creative landscape and creating opportunities for countless comix artists. In 2023, Eroyn opened up the Whatever Factory, a space dedicated to exploring ceramics and its intrinsic lessons.

Check them out on Insta or find waaaaaay too much information on Eroyn’s creative past in their CV below.

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