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2012 | 2015 | 2018


Pen & Ink



This series of books began as documentation of The Long Walk, a socially engaged project where Susan Robb leads 50 people on a 4-day, 45-mile walk from Puget Sound to Snoqualmie Falls using the Regional Trails System. Every day along the trail I would draw the scene looking down (at the ground) and the scene looking up (at the view) from the same vantage point. For each scene, the texture of the ground unfurls to reveal a tiny landscape.

​Vantage 2 is created in the same style and documents my first backpacking trip to Flapjack Lakes in 2015. 

Vantage 3 documents the hikes I did during a month-long artist residency at Caldera Arts in central Oregon. This structure can be experienced as a book or a conic sculpture.

Vantage 3


Vantage 2

Vantage 3

Vantage 1

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