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2023 | 1 month

*opens 2025

Sound Transit



Kent WA

Art Direction | Illustration |Ceramics | Environmental Graphics


Tory Franklin

Ceramic & Paint

8'x28' wall

28x28' ceiling

Pollination is at Starlake light Rail Station in Ken and will open 2025.  More soon.


Traveling by train can be a stressful, monotonous, or harried endeavor. The breezeway in the Star Lake light rail station had regulation lighting that felt sterile.



Pollination is a project currently in fabrication for a light rail station in Kent. We integrated this piece into a breezeway that connects the two platforms. This cut-metal artwork reveals soft, glowing light in the shape of microscopic pollen. Its gentle radiance promises to add warmth even on the darkest of Pacific Northwest days.

Pollen is in harmonious dialogue with a stunning 600-foot glass piece on the station platform, featuring motifs of edible plants. Together, they transform the station into a vibrant and inviting space for commuters and visitors alike.

Pollen is often maligned due to its association with allergies, yet it serves as a fundamental cornerstone of life itself. Pollinating plants play a vital role in sustaining ecosystems, generating oxygen, and supporting the food systems that nourish animal life.

In our piece, we sought to elevate the often-overlooked beauty and significance of pollen to a heroic scale. By magnifying these microscopic specks, we invite viewers to admire their intricate designs and reflect upon the crucial work they perform.

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