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Whatever Factory is the home studio of artist Eroyn Franklin. It is an evolving space for creativity and experimentation that currently focuses on ceramics classes. 

At Whatever Factory, honing our skills is just as crucial as the transformative process of working with ceramics. Whether we need to burrow into our creativity,  get wild, or chill the f out, clay serves as our most trusted companion.

Our classes maintain an intimate setting, limited to six participants, to ensure both a cozy atmosphere and enhanced attention to each individual. With every seat offering a picturesque view of Lake Washington and charming trees, the ambiance is nothing short of magical. For more details, feel free to explore our FAQ section or reach out with any inquiries.

Eroyn Franklin


Eroyn was called “The Best Mad Scientist” for their comics experimentation but that vibe is alive in everything they touch. With a background in dozens of mediums and public art their desire to learn is infectious. Ceramics has been their greatest love and they are ecstatic to share their obsession with everyone.


Their dedication to education and building community spaces has been their north star as a Seattle Artist. The cofounded SS Marie Antoinette (a live/work art and music venue) and Seattle’s best comics festival: Short Run Seattle. Whatever Factory is the next iteration on building a local creative hub without limitations. 

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